NLCC Glorious

This is the evening of our annual Mess Dinner. This is a Naval tradition for sailors at sea at Christmas time. Cadets will experience a formal Christmas dinner following all the naval traditions!  It is an event our cadets look forward to every year. 

This year’s dinner will be hosted by the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 317 (311 Oakland Ave, London).  All food restrictions and allergies requested by our cadets have been provided to them.

We received word that the Canadian Air Force approved our request with special clearance, and after dinner we will be visited by none other than…Santa Claus!  Our special guest in the big red suit will salute the cadets’ accomplishments and will be bringing an early Christmas gift for each of them.  We will take lots of picture and have them available for parents. 

During my Parents Corner last week, I mentioned that help with dessert will be greatly appreciated for the Mess Dinner.  Parents, if you are able, we request that a simple dessert to share be brought on the night of December 15th.

Here is a list of food restrictions.  Please avoid these ingredients:
Sesame Seeds