NLCC Glorious

Hello Parents!

London Branch here! As we get back into the swing of things with in-person training, we also welcome back our annual tagging fundraisers. Our tagging fundraisers hold a special place with everyone as they allow the community to see what an amazing bunch of upstanding young citizens and leaders we have! We hope to have cadets sign up for a minimum of one shift.

Cadets are given safe locations that are verified by the Branch with the store managers approval in advance. Our CO and staff then pair cadets together to send them to locations and this is where our cadet parents can help out substantially! We ask that parents offer help for at least one shift to transport and supervise their cadet+1 for any one of the 3 shifts below.

Please note we will need many parent help for this and will appreciate any and all help offered with set up! If you are able and willing to help with driving, putting together lunches or set up, please contact us through the “contact sheet organizer” button below or by reaching out to our corps CO.

Happy Tagging!

More details plus a Q&A period 10-March-2023